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A case for reusing coffee grounds.

An Easy Guide to ReUsing Coffee Grounds

  • Coffee grounds make a great addition to brownie or some cake recipes.
  • Baking soda isn’t the only odor remover for the fridge, place a bowl of fully dried grounds in your fridge to reduce odor.
  • Grab an old kitchen wash cloth and put a few used grounds on it. It’s a great way to scrub grease and grime off of dirty pots and pans.
  • Pour some of the grounds down the garbage disposal to deodorize it. Don’t overdo it though; you don’t want to clog the pipes.
  • One of the most popular uses for old grounds is to toss them in the compost pile; they make excellent “green matter” because they are rich in nitrogen.
  • If you are growing seedlings, stir grounds into the soil.
  • Scatter used grounds around your plants to keep pests like ants and snails away.
  • You want to exfoliate and have a healthy morning glow? Mix in some coffee grounds with your face wash and scrub as usual not only will you exfoliate but you will also help defeat those pesky dark circles under your eyes. Caffeine is actually a natural remedy for those tired under eye circles. Go figure!

Who knew there were so many ways to reuse your coffee grounds. Tell us what other uses you have for coffee grounds below.

-The Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Team,
Jacob, Barbara, Rick, & Tara

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