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More Coffee? Yes please!

First, it's me, Barbara, writing this particular post. I LOVE to drink coffee probably the most of anyone on our team but I'm certain Tara could give me a run for my money if there were a contest.  Either hot or cold coffee , it doesn't really matter, I love to taste the natural flavors that come from coffee when it's roasted well but I am far from a "coffee snob". And I love what our coffee stands for but that's another post.  
To date Two Sparrows has offered a solid line of coffee including Colombian, Peru, Ethiopian, Honduras, Two Sparrows Decaf and a traditional, bold brew we affectionately call Round Top Roast.  But, with the arrival of our roaster we are excited to announce that Jacob, our Roasting Guru, is expanding our coffee offerings. He has been working diligently to achieve a solid roast for these new beans. Keep an eye on the dot com over the next few weeks for new additions from two new continents. We can't wait for you to try our latest coffees and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.  

Rick, Tara, Jacob, & Barbara
The Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Team

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