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Two Sparrows Mid-Year Update


In a December 2016 blog post we told you the best was yet to come. A lot has happened  in the last six months so here’s an update on what we've accomplished in the past year.

Independence Day 2016 we opened our shop in a Henkel Square Market in Round Top, TX. We quickly outgrew our little space and are actively looking for larger spaces. We can’t yet announce where just yet but keep your eyes on social media for more updates on the when and where!

Last year our little roaster had a tough time getting to Texas. We tracked it from Israel through China to the good ole' U.S. of A! We are currently pricing out a larger roaster to keep up with the current and future coffee demands. Go BIG or go home right!

Our first rollout of our Single Barrel White Crown Whiskey Coffee was last Christmas. This month we primed the barrel with a fresh amount of whiskey and beans to begin the aging process. Once again we will have limited amounts available so please be watching the website and social media for more updates on this holiday pleaser.

As you know summer in Texas gets pretty darn HOT. We've bee working hard getting our process down right Deliciously Drinkable! Starting this just in time for the 4th of July weekend you can pickup 12oz ready to drink long neck bottles, 16oz and 64oz concentrate bottles. As always our Nitro Cold Brew is on tap in the shop cold and ready for a quick pick me up!

In case you haven't notice we also have refreshed our look with a new logo and new Twitter handle, @2Sparr0ws. There are still big dreams for our little company and can’t wait to see what comes next! We are so glad that you're a part of it! Come by and say Hi, we'd love to see ya!

As always #DrinkWithPurpose 
-The Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Team
Matthew 10:29

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