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Two Sparrows Roasting Co - The Best Is Yet To Come!

We are writing this post on the 346th day of 2016 which means this year is 95% over. It's that time of year when you begin to reflect on what has happened and plan for what is to come; we are doing the exact same thing at the Two Sparrows Roastery. 

Let's review this year. Our little roaster had a tough time getting to us when it was held up by security in Tel Aviv, Israel. It finally crossed the Atlantic then and made it to its home in Round Top, TX but not before travelling over 7,400 miles. Our roaster hasn’t had much down time since either. We have roasted over a ton of coffee. 

We officially opened shop in Henkel Square on July 4th after we attended the longest running Independence Day Parade west of the Mississippi River. We celebrated our country's independence and the 165th anniversary of Round Top’s Independence Day Parade. 

In the fall we "gassed up and packed our patience" because the 49th annual Antique Week was here and people flooded our little town for almost a month. Two Sparrows coffee was successfully served at four different venues. Such an exciting show. 

We crafted our first ever installation of White Crown Whiskey Coffee. We aged our Nicaraguan coffee beans several months before roasting so you can enjoy the rich, robust flavors of apricot, vanilla, oak, and floral. 

What does 2017 hold for us? Well, there are lots of EXCITING plans. As a team, we think a lot, dream big and our ambition is even bigger which makes us big doers. We would love to tell you everything that is in the works BUT we are going to wait just a little longer. Keep an eye on the blog or subscribe to our newsletter to see what’s coming up over the next few months.  

As always #DrinkWithPurpose 
Rick, Tara, Jacob, & Barbara
The Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Team
Matthew 10:29

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