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Two Sparrows Roasting - This & That about Coffee

Learning about coffee over the past few years has brought some interesting things to light for our team. Today we are going to look at interesting coffee facts that the novice coffee connoisseur may not know. Let's start at the beginning…. 

How was coffee discovered?  Once upon a time in 9th century Ethiopia a goat herder discovered it when he noticed his herd eating the fruit and acting wacky. 

Almost half of the world’s coffee is produced by two countries: Colombia and Brazil. 

How do the beans grow? Coffee beans grow on a bush. The beans are the pit of a berry which also makes them a fruit. And, a coffee plant can live up to 200 years.  

The word "coffee" was originally qahwa meaning "wine of the bean" and has since evolved and shortened to "coffee".  Europeans called it "Arabian wine".  

Coffee was the first food to ever be freeze dried. Of course we recommend buying fresh beans as you need them rather than freezing them. 

In the 16th century coffee was banned in certain countries because of its stimulating effects.

Coffee was put to music in 1732 by J.S. Bach. He wrote The Coffee Cantata, an opera about a woman with a coffee addiction and her cranky father.

Teddy Roosevelt consumed a gallon of coffee each day. This worked for him but we are not recommending it!

Let's talk caffeine: the lighter the roast the more caffeine. The longer you roast the coffee bean the more caffeine that cooks out. Americans consume a lot of caffeine but which country consumes the most? According the the BBC Finland wins this award. 

Although we often think of espresso as a bean it is actually a brew method that can be used with any bean. Espresso is Italian for "when something is forced out".  

More than any other sense, smell usually makes our final judgment on coffee. This should explain why you squeeze and smell the bag of beans before you purchase it. 

Globally coffee is a hot commodity. It is the world’s 2nd most traded commodity, second only to oil. 

And finally, in Constantinople, it was legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he fails to keep the family coffee pot full. Again, not recommended! 

We hope this enlightened you to some of the finer points of coffee and you've learned a couple things. As always, #DrinkWithPurpose! 


Rick, Tara, Jacob, & Barbara, 


The Two Sparrows Roasting Co. Team


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