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Two Sparrows Roasting Co.

Brazil Serra do Salitre - Roasted Peanuts, Cane Sugar, Citrus, Milk Chocolate

$ 16.00

REGION: Cerrado de Minas
ARABICA VARIETY: Catuai, Icatu, Tupi, Acauã, eIBC12
PROCESS:"Semi-washed," dried on patios and in mechanical dryers
ELEVATION: 950 meters
CUPPING: Roasted Nuts, Cane Sugar, Citrus and Milk Chocolate

This coffee comes from Fazenda Regional 1, an estate owned by Rogério Machado Arantes.

Ripe coffee cherries were mechanically harvested and sent to the washing station on the farm. They were cleaned, mechanically de- pulped, scrubbed of all mucilage and sent through a centrifuge to remove any excess water. (In Brazil, washed coffee that doesn't spend time in a fermentation tank is called "semi-washed.") Next, they were sent to patios to slowly dry in the sun and later werefinished in mechanical dryers, to ensure consistency.

The dried parchment rested in wooden boxes for at least 30 daysand then was mechanically hulled and stored in a nearby warehouse. Genuine Origin’s team in Brazil then purchased the coffee and reprocessed it, using screen-size separators and color and density machines.

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