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Two Sparrows Roasting Co.

Papua New Guinea - Jiwaka

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REGION: Kiam, Jiwaka Province
COMMUNITYR/MILL: Kiam wet mill, Lahamenegu dry mill
ARABICA VARIETY: Typica, Bourbon, Arusha
PROCESS: Washed, dried in the sun on sheets in the field.
ELEVATION: 1650 meters
CUPPING: Melon | Lemon-Grass | Grape

In the past, land selection for coffee production was not based on scientific principles. Rather, coffee gardens and estates were developed on what land became available. That has changed, this coffee is from an area with volcanic and very fertile soil which bring out the delicious flavors in the cup. 

Most of the ripe cherry was collected at farms and brought to the mill; the remainder was delivered to the wet mill by the farmers. All the cherries are then pulped, washed, soaked and dried in the sun to an 11 percent moisture content. The coffee is then stored as parchment for transportation to the central processing mill in Goroka, approximately 200 miles away in the Eastern Highlands Province, where it was hulled for shipment.

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