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Two Sparrows - Who Are We

Tara Royer Steele

Tara has been in the food industry since she was a child. She is the reigning Pie Queen at Royers Cafe and Royers Pie Haven, both in Round Top, Texas. In her words, Tara is a mother to 2 beautiful boys, married to an amazing man (Rick), is a professional font doodler, and is blessed with great relationships. 

Rick Steele

Rick has a diverse background. In school he studied drafting & design and criminal justice, and also has his real estate license.  He spent five years working for the Boys & Girls Club in Bryan, Texas. After meeting Tara and having a passion for business he went to work for Royers Cafe in Round Top, where he’s been for the last ten years.

Jacob Loyd

With a background of more than 20 years in computer technology, Jacob knew it was time for a change. In the summer of 2013 he helped a good friend launch Righteous Bros Coffee Roasters, which is now District Roasters. Through this he discovered a love for roasting  great coffee. Jacob is also a member of the SCA and Roasters Guild of America.